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The more I use Reaper the more I love how easy it is to get what you need working with it. Lately I was experimenting with some Jesusonic plugin (for any further information you can find everything on Cockos website). Jesusonic is a sort of programming language that let you “build” plugins from scratch, chances are countless, you can potentially get whatever you want. Honestly I’m too lazy to even think about start programming, anyway I’m more than satisfied with all plugins that come preloaded with standard Reaper installation.

Working on some guitar tracks I was in need of an IR loader, and rather than using my “go-tos” (NadIR by Ignite Amps and KeFir in the past) I stumbled upon a JS plugin, perfect for this task: amp-model. It’s an IR loader that comes with some preloaded IRs in a combo box, you just have to select the one you like and set the preamp value to your needs. I found that it has a huge gain, so I always lower the value at least until -17dB.

JS amp-model plugin
JS amp-model plugin

I was already completely satisfied with the outcome, but when I found out that you can also load your own IRs I couldn’t be happier! On Windows system you just have to copy your preferred IR WAV files to this folder:


user” is your Windows user name. Warning: all WAV files must be 44.1Khz, I noticed that with different rates the output plugin is awful.

JS amp-model: IR list
JS amp-model: IR list. I copied the Mesa Rectifier by Rosen Digital impulse response after converting it to 44.1Khz. Sounds perfect.

From a resources point of view, no concerns at all: it uses the same amount of CPU power than other IR free loader you can find on the web. I compared it with NadIr, same CPU usage.

What else? If you like to keep your plugins list as clean as possible you don’t need other IR loaders, Reaper has already one 😉 what about all other non-Reaper user? Well, just download the ReaPlugs suite and you’ll find this great JS plugin in the ReaJS section 😀

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