Ola Englund

  • Sunday with Ola: the Riff Challenge

    Sunday with Ola: the Riff Challenge

    It’s been few months since I started recording ideas “on the fly” for the Sunday with Ola Riff Challenge and I’m quite digging it. What is it? It’s a challenge to write your own riffs on a drum loop that you can download from a link on every episode of the segment “Sunday with…

  • Free guitar amp simulators comparison

    Free guitar amp simulators comparison

    Guitar amp simultation plugins state of the art is really polished, I mean high level quality: major amplifier production companies have developed “virtual versions” of their best models. The use of these plugins instead of real amps is becoming more and more common, especially in home productions, thanks to low costs. Even if I…

  • Do dimensions matter?

    Do dimensions matter?

    During your home recoring, to obtain a thick, great kick asses guitar sound you need a full stack head + 4×12 cabinet and push it to the limit right? Wrong! We can say that it’s not mandatory to have an expensive amp with very-evil distortion channel. If you have it, good, but if you…