Outerburst: debut release date and special guests

During last few days I spent my time mixing and mastering some Outerburst songs. The outcome really makes me happy, I had the luck and pleasure to work with great musicians and their performance perfectly fits in the mix like pieces of the same puzzle, when musicians really know what they’re doing everything is a breeze 🙂

I just noticed that I still need to publish cover artwork of next EP on my blog! The album is entitled “Phase A: Kaishi” and cover artwork has been realized by brazilian artist Caio Caldas (www.cadiesart.com).

Outerburst - "Phase A: Kaishi" cover ArtWork by Caio Caldas

It will be a 4 track EP with this tracklist:

  1. Release The Brake
  2. Nightmare
  3. The Crows
  4. Reborn

I also had the chance to work with great musicians as special guests on my songs: former Labyrinth singer Roberto Tiranti will feature on song “Reborn” on all vocals. On the same song, Armonite keyboard player Paolo Fosso will perform piano and synth solos sharing the leading parts with From The Depth singer Raffaele “Raffo” Albanese on guitar solo. Guitar player Riccardo Piroli, who shared the stage with me several times in the past years, will play all lead and solo tracks on songs “Release The Brake” and “Nightmare”.

Everything is going fine and the EP will be released on February 1st 2016 on all major digital distribution channels and on physical CD available in limited copies 🙂

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