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Strings choice is a very underestimated aspect by many bass players. keeping in mind that the 90% of the sound is determined by the couple body + pickups of the instrument, strings contribute anyway to the timber, sharpening and creating particular shades of the sound.

Due to the fact that predilections change, it may be that the sound you want from your bass could change too. Personally, I changed from a rounded sound to a more brilliant and warm one. Without considering pedal effects that can improve your sound (I will write something about this later), let’s focus on strings.

During the years I had the opportunity to test many kind of strings, being always quite satisfied. Here are the brands that, in my opinion, deserve to be highlited: Galli, D’Addario, RotoSound.

Galli Rock Star BassGalli‘s Rock Star Bass were the first strings I used. Not so robust, to be honest, but with an intense sound, nearer to the kind of sound I used to prefer in the past. great presence but not so brilliant as I prefer today.

D'Addario XLD’Addario strings were the strings I used most, in every dimension and type. Great endurance, but I had the sensation that they lose their brilliant property too fast. I mean, every kind of string lose their “true” sound as time pass by but the ones I used were particularly fast in this aspect.

RotoSound swing bass 66Since a year I’m using RotoSound swing bass 66 strings, the best choice ever. They’re a little more expensive but I’m completely satisfied. The first time I played these strings I was not so completely pleased by the sound, but after some days I change my mind: they’re the best I ever played!

I’ll post soon an audio sample of my sound so I can better explain you what I mean 😉

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