Mind your volume

don't crank up your volumeMixing at high volumes could lead you to very bad mixes, moreover listening at high volumes can break your ears (I mean it!) and, above all, the risk is to take the wrong decision for your mix. You have to consider ...

Drums Parallel Compression

Parallel Compression in REAPERUntil some time ago, when I hear talking about "parallel compression" I was used to think about that concepts too hard to understand, due to the complexity of the topics. Really too much for my lazy mind. Really, it's a very ...
Hi! I'm Santo Clemenzi.

Software engineer, music producer and bass player (From The Depth, Mindohm, Outerburst). Welcome to my blog! I (rarely) post about music production but sometimes I also rant about anything else.

I'm a Solar Guitars Artist! Check out my page and follow Solar Guitars.
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