Songwriting day and deadlines

I really like to find always new goals. Especially in my music projects. To be honest I always try to put myself clear targets because I don't like to take a stab in music, I couldn't be calm enough to concentrate on my riffs. I ...

“I have no time”

Do you know this sentence? Probably is the one that you're continuing to repeat to yourself, after a long working day, you think about things you'd like to do but that you can't finish because you just "have no time". To be honest I always ...
Hi! I'm Santo Clemenzi.

Software engineer, music producer and bass player (From The Depth, Mindohm, Outerburst). Welcome to my blog! I (rarely) post about music production but sometimes I also rant about anything else.

I'm a Solar Guitars Artist! Check out my page and follow Solar Guitars.
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