Finalizing bass in the mix

This post is really old. Times change and techniques improve, if you want to have more up to date information on how to get an aggressive metal tone for your bass just head over this more recent post As you may already know, I'm a bass ...

Bass Strings

Strings choice is a very underestimated aspect by many bass players. keeping in mind that the 90% of the sound is determined by the couple body + pickups of the instrument, strings contribute anyway to the timber, sharpening and creating particular shades of the sound. Due ...

Bass players resources

When I Started playing bass guitar (many years ago!) I was used to use the web (that were exteremely poor respect to one we all know now) as a resource for technique exercises or tablature of my favourite songs. Don't need to say that now ...
Hi! I'm Santo Clemenzi.

Software engineer, music producer and bass player (From The Depth, Mindohm, Outerburst). Welcome to my blog! I (rarely) post about music production but sometimes I also rant about anything else.

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