We want back Wikipedia and dignity

If it’s true that the web is the largest way of information spreading it’s also true that it isn’t free in all the countries over the world. According to Freedom House Italy is a “partially free” country. Even if you can think that’s a strange way of classifying, last events in Italy arised from a shameful way of government make us think. More than some time ago.

Italian Wikipidia has temporarly black out its pages to protest against an unfair law that could make the change for our country from “partially free” to “not free” at all. To avoid the reborn of past ghosts, with rules that recall the censorship of those dictatorships that slashed humanity, it’s mandatory to share and to use the web exactly in the way that’s meant to be (and that “someone” want to drop): as FREE as we can, to let know the world that Italians WANT to be free.

If you have a Facebook account click on “Like” on this page (even if you’re not Italian, it’s just if you like your freedom): Rivogliamo Wikipedia, No alla legge bavaglio

Spread the message now, until it’s still possible.

– Edit october 5th –
Click here to sign a petition against the “ddl intercettazioni”.

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