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Thanksgiving Day is one of the most important holidays in Anglo-Saxon countries (and not only). A day to think about and be grateful for everything you got in your life and for people you feel always by your side. Just to clarify, I’m not from USA or country where they celebrate this day, I’m Italian and proud of it, but I think that this day (in particular today in the USA) is the right one to be thankful to all those people that helped me to learn what I know about mixing and music production in general. I think we never say enough “Thank you”, so this is the right day to do it 😉

My biggest thank you goes to these guys.

Graham Cochrane: everything I know and improve every day in mixing is because of him. Most of my skills comes from his teaching, his blog posts, his tutorials on Youtube, his training material you can find at very affordable price on his website. I still follow him with my rss reader, I think I’ll never stop beacuse I’m still learning a lot from him. Graham is always there to help everyone (I mean everyone all over the world) to be a better producer, without asking anything back, everything free from Thank you very much Graham!

Joe Gilder & the Simply Recording Podcast: Joe and Graham are the guys behind the Simply Recording Podcast, a monthly podcast you’ll find very helpful for everything about music production: recording, mixing, mastering and also advices on how to carry on with a business based on these matters. They do business with music production, they really know what they talk about, these guys are not only emergent and promising producers but also great guys who can really help you if you have any question related to audio production.

Ola Englund: Ola needs no introduction, he’s more than a hero to all those guys that loves good heavy metal music and audio production, like me. He’s a great producer and an awesome guitar player, thanks to his videos on Youtube I learned lots of things but among everything, thanks to his posts on Andy Sneap‘s Ultimate Metal Forum, I had the opportunity to practice mixing his band’s songs that he shared with everyone on the forum. Ola’s band, Feared, is growing every day and with their third album entitled “Vinter” I think is going to be one of the most valuable on the scene. I also mixed my version of his song “Possessed” for the Feared Mixing Competition some months ago, I didn’t win but I had a lot of fun with it!

Bestplugins: his continuous use of free and open source audio plugins in his mixes is quite admirable, I follow this guy since a couple of years ago through his Youtube channel (and you should follow it too!), where he uploads his tutorials both in spanish and english, another really relevant point. Sharing such high quality video tutorials in different languages is an incredible amount of work, and nobody notice it at all, lots of people just “watch them” without thinking about the hard work behind this videos. When someone has the will to share the knowledge this way (in two different language!), he deserves some kind of award in my opinion. Moreover, he opened a nuovo canale Youtube where he uploads all guitar cabinet IRs to emulate the sounds of the most famous metal bands out there, visit and enjoy! 😉

Photo:woodleywonderworks/Creative Commons

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