Mixing in Mono

Mono button in REAPERUsing the pan knob on your DAW during mixing is one of the best thing you can do to start placing tracks in their right place, getting always wider mixes. In fact, is one of the first thing you should do ...

Compressor parameters

Antress "The Apophis", great FREE SSL compressor cloneA compressor is an effect that reduce the volume of louder parts of a track, when the signal exceeds a particular level, based on some parameters. To keep it simple, it "compress" the dynamics of a track, ...

Do dimensions matter?

During your home recoring, to obtain a thick, great kick asses guitar sound you need a full stack head + 4x12 cabinet and push it to the limit right? Wrong! We can say that it's not mandatory to have an expensive amp with very-evil distortion ...

Linux and FREE audio plugins

After years of hard work and successful development there are still few persons aware that is possible to produce music of great and professional quality with Linux. What all people know is the hard work to set up a pc to make it a Linux ...
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