• Drums Parallel Compression

    Drums Parallel Compression

    Until some time ago, when I hear talking about “parallel compression” I was used to think about that concepts too hard to understand, due to the complexity of the topics. Really too much for my lazy mind. Really, it’s a very common technique, I’d rather say a “classic” one. The concet is simple: it’s…

  • Mixing in Mono

    Mixing in Mono

    Using the pan knob on your DAW during mixing is one of the best thing you can do to start placing tracks in their right place, getting always wider mixes. In fact, is one of the first thing you should do in the preliminary phases of your mixing sessions. Said that, did you ever…

  • Compressor parameters

    Compressor parameters

    A compressor is an effect that reduce the volume of louder parts of a track, when the signal exceeds a particular level, based on some parameters. To keep it simple, it “compress” the dynamics of a track, making it more regular. I always used compressor during my mixing, but I admit that it’s not…