Merry Metal Chrstimas

Trans-SiberianOrchestra - Christmas Eve and other Stories
Trans-SiberianOrchestra – Christmas Eve and other Stories
Within few days Christmas will arrive! I’d like to send you my best wishes for a great Christmas with your families and friends! The blog will be on vacation untill the end of the year, I hope to show you something new in 2013, to let you improve your skills in mixing and to offer you new services for your songs and new albums!

Here you are 5 quick tips for a Merry Christmas:

  • Reduce the muddiness by cutting in the range of 250Hz
  • Always high-pass your tracks until they sound thin, then go back a little to leave the right low range
  • Try to use narrow Q when cutting and wide Q when boosting
  • Make all the tracks fit better in the mix juggling frequecies: if you think that kick drum need a cut at 500Hz then boost the bass at the same frequecy. They will definitely fit better.
  • Trust your ears: if you ear that something need some fixes don’t be lazy and fix it trying some subtractive EQ. And then listen again! 😉

As you can see, the image is the cover art of the first Trans-Siberian Orchestra album “Christmas Eve and other stories“, if don’t know anything about that you should definitely check their songs out! Merry Metal Chrstimas to all of you guys!

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