Bedroom Producers Blog

Bedroom Producers Blog

Here we are again with our “Monday suggestion“, let’s start the week the right way with a website that I really love (I’m actually subscribed to its rss for almost 8 or 9 years): Bedroom Producers Blog by Tomislav Zlatic.

Why am I suggesting it? Because it’s the most updated and accurate blog you can find out there that gives you amazing reviews and news about music production tools, from DAWs to plugins through audio samples and so on. The amazing thing is that it’s mostly related to free stuff, and everybody likes free stuff, right?

It has a huge database of articles and posts divided in clear sections, you can find posts on almost everything you need to produce your songs, do you want to know which is the best free EQ? The best free compressor? The best free DAW? And even if it’s not the best, do you just want to know which tools you can use for free on your productions? Just have a look at the blog and you’ll be overwhelmed. I still follow the blog via its RSS feed with Feedly, everytime something is published on the website I see it, and I can’t believe how much I like what I read every time. I wish I could be consistent and committed to my blog the same way they update BPB…

Usually you also get updates on various “season sales” on almost everything, let’s say, right now they’re keeping track of all Black Friday deals going on for plugins, virtual instruments and so on.

Guys, just head over to Bedroom Producers Blog and subscribe to its RSS feed. It won’t let you down.

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