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Valeton GP-200LT

New multi-effects: Valeton GP-200LT

Back to "digital". After a few years of playing with my pedalboard made of individual pedals, I'm back using a multi-effects pedal. In the past, I had already used a multi-effects pedal (the reliable and glorious Zoom 506-II Bass), but that was a toy compared ...
Bedroom Producers Blog

Bedroom Producers Blog

Here we are again with our "Monday suggestion", let's start the week the right way with a website that I really love (I'm actually subscribed to its rss for almost 8 or 9 years): Bedroom Producers Blog by Tomislav Zlatic. Why am I suggesting it? Because ...
Sunday with Ola Riff Challenge

Sunday with Ola: the Riff Challenge

It's been few months since I started recording ideas "on the fly" for the Sunday with Ola Riff Challenge and I'm quite digging it. What is it? It's a challenge to write your own riffs on a drum loop that you can download from a ...
Hi! I'm Santo Clemenzi.

Software engineer, music producer and bass player (From The Depth, Mindohm, Outerburst). Welcome to my blog! I (rarely) post about music production but sometimes I also rant about anything else.

I'm a Solar Guitars Artist! Check out my page and follow Solar Guitars.
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