• The metal bass tone digest: useful videos

    The metal bass tone digest: useful videos

    Yes, I know, I could start writing about how cool your bass can sound if you follow my suggestions and stuff but you know what? I won’t. For the simple reason that everyone likes different sounds and everyone has a kind of taste, so, it’s simply impossible for me to tell you how to…

  • 5th Element – Hiroshima (Gary Moore cover)

    5th Element – Hiroshima (Gary Moore cover)

    I rarely use my blog for “self promotion” but sometimes I just can’t do without it, especially when I’m really proud of what I’ve done. Sometimes ago we decided with 5th Element project to produce a very important cover for all of us, with a deep meaning, to pay our tribute to one of…

  • Mixing practice, web resources

    Mixing practice, web resources

    Mix, mix, mix. This is what I’m continuously repeating myself these days, even if I can’t actually concentrate on mixing. These are very busy days and I’m struggling in search of time to mix: preliminar activities to recording sessions of next Deimos album are almost done, I’m also involved in other music project which…