How it works

Mixing and mastering are not magic processes, they cannot fix what it’s wrong in the recorded track. If tracks are recorded well a good mix and a precise mastering process can make your song a real hit. If your track are bad recorded, out of tune or with timing issues they simply will remain like that, sadly, mixing can’t fix recording error. Of course, tuning and timing problems can be fixed somehow during editing, before starting any mixing, but if the recorded track doesn’t have the right feel, mixing will not bring the feel on it. Do your best to keep tracks good directly during recording sessions, this way you’ll get amazing mixes, trust me 😉

Here you are some info:

1) How to send tracks


  • Files must be in WAV format, recorded at least at 44.1KHz / 24 bits
  • Name the tracks properly (i.e. songname_trackname_type_left_right_whatever.wav)
  • Attach a text file to explain the bpm and tempo of the songs, how the various tracks were recorded, if there are tempo or bpm changes, how the song proceeds (i.e. intro @ 0:00, verse @ 1:00 etc.)
  • Send everything providing a download link (i.e. thorugh a file sharing service you like, or with a link to your domain), packing EACH songs tracks in a single zip file with WAV files and text explanation file, naming the zip file properly


  • Send the ordered tracklist of the EP / Album
  • Provide download links of the songs to be mastered (as above, at least 44.1Khz / 24 bit, WAV format)
  • Number the files according to the tracklist
  • If you mixed the songs by yourself, please leave some “room” on your mix to let mastering be done the best way, if there’s not enough room on the master channel, mastering your songs could be tricky.

2) How I will send my mixdowns

  • First mix sent within the agreed deadline
  • Chance to do up to 2 revision (so the total will be revision 0, rev. 1, rev. 2)
  • The client will choose the best mix (you can choose the revsion you like most)
  • Mix revisions will be sent as an audio clip of the entire song of maximum 1:30 minutes, with a watermark in the middle of the clip. The final mix of the entire song will be sent when the preferred revision is chosen.
  • Listening to mix revisions on SoundCloud is an option.

3) How to pay

  • PayPal is the preferred system, other methods could be agreed
  • 50% to be payed upfront
  • the remaining 50% will be payed at the end of the work

If have any doubt/question please don’t hesitate to contact me!