5th Element – Hiroshima (Gary Moore cover)

I rarely use my blog for “self promotion” but sometimes I just can’t do without it, especially when I’m really proud of what I’ve done. Sometimes ago we decided with 5th Element project to produce a very important cover for all of us, with a deep meaning, to pay our tribute to one of the best guitarists ever: Gary Moore.

Massimo Goletti recording
Massimo Goletti recording “Hiroshima” cover – July 2015

Our cover of “Hiroshima” came to life very naturally, we all worked at our best during the production and we’re proud of the outcome. I personally produced the song for mixing and mastering, I also attended the drums recording session in July. Massimo Goletti did a great job on drums, we recorded at PFL Studio with Federico Provini as our recording engineer.

After I recorded my bass part all recordings were carried out by Giovanni Cripotos and Raffaele “Raffo” Albanese respectively for all guitars and all vocals. We also had the chance to collaborate with one of the greatest producer in Heavy Metal: Simone Mularoni did an amazing job on guitar sounds during reamping at his Domination Studio.

You can listen to the song below, it will be available soon a free download of the cover on our band web profiles.

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